Posted By: Angela Smith

Date 22-02-17

‘A Moorfields Day’ Photographic Exhibition



‘A Moorfields Day’ Photographic exhibition.

‘A Moorfields Day’, is a collection of photographs displayed in the canteen at Moorfields City Road capturing the everyday experiences of Moorfields staff and patients. The collection was produced by Research Technician Jane Clipston and supported by Friends of Moorfield.

Reflecting on her collection, Jane said: “These photographs aim to capture aspects of ‘A Moorfields Day’ which are sometimes overlooked in the busy working life of the hospital. There are small shafts of light in unexpected places!”

Dr Mariya Moosajee, consultant ophthalmologist and chair of the trust’s art committee, said: “The arts committee are working to improve the aesthetics of Moorfields for both patients and staff. This collection is a tribute to our staff who work tirelessly everyday.”