The Friends today

The Friends of Moorfields is a thriving and active charity supporting the patients and staff at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

A large part of the work of the Friends concerns our wonderful team of volunteers who fulfil a variety of roles for the hospital. There is a team of more than 50 who travel to the main hospital in City Road each week to help in the Friends shop, the Information Desks, various clinics, the shop trolley service, producing a quarterly magazine and assisting in the Friends office. There is also a team of Floor Marshalls who assist anyone who needs help and there is another brilliant team of 80 volunteers who give a couple of hours of their time regularly collecting at London stations and helping with the highly popular and successful sales – art and jewellery sales at Moorfields.

If you would like to help, please see the appropriate section on our website.


“I'm proud to be a friend to the BEST hospital in the country – if not the world. They look after my eyes –
so I want to look after Moorfields!”
Elspeth Clarke, M.B.E.