Art and Music at Moorfields


Art and Music at Moorfields



A history of ophthalmology through time: an exhibition by Noori Husain

Noori Hussain, a medical student at St George’s University of London, unveiled her artwork on 13 October 2016 in celebration of World Sight Day.

Noori’s exhibition focuses on the important historical aspects of Ophthalmology, and the contributions of cultures around the world to the vast knowledge in the field today.

The paintings are mixed media, using mainly spray and acrylic painting techniques. Noori uses symbolic shapes to integrate elements of nature, the eye and vision, including circles, bright colours and contrast between light and dark.

Noori gratefully acknowledges the many scientists, physicians and thinkers inspired by the incredible organ of sight since the beginning of time, who have given her the opportunity to build on their work.

The artwork will be on display in the optometry corridor at Moorfields, City Road until January 2017.

Art and music at Moorfields is organised by the Moorfields Arts Committee and funded by the Friends of Moorfields charity. For more information on art at Moorfields please email:art@moorfields.nhs.uk

As well as funding three art exhibitions each year Friends also support the Arts Committee’s weekly music recitals at Moorfields, City Road.

Acts are provided by the charity ‘Live Music Now’ and include harpists, violinists, flautists, guitarists, and of course, pianists.