Posted By: Angela Smith

Date 16-12-16

Friends Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020



Strategic Plan for 2017 – 2020.

Angela Smith, Executive Manager launched the new Strategic Plan for 2017—2020 at our recent AGM and outlined our three key objectives:

Our Mission “To help a patient smile”

Our Vision “That everyone who comes to Moorfields, for whatever reason, be it patients, relatives, carers, staff or volunteers, has the best possible experience”

  • That there is an active and diverse volunteer team operating throughout Moorfields.
  • That Moorfields has access to equipment, staff and services that will enhance the patient’s experience but would not be provided through normal NHS funding.
  • That Friends remains a sustainable and legitimate organisation, and achieves an annual level of income that covers operational costs and enables substantial grants to be made to Moorfields

Link to Strategic Plan