Posted By: Angela Smith

Date 27-04-18

Visually Impaired Photographer Exhibits at Moorfields


Mikel with Friends CEO Angela and Laura from The Arts Committee

The Moorfields art committee’s latest exhibition showcases work by visually impaired photographer Mickel Smithen.

Friends are delighted to fund the Art Programme at Moorfields, which includes rolling exhibitions from artists like Mikel.

Mickel lost most of his sight to a brain tumour when he was just five years old and is registered blind. He became interested in photography after attending a workshop for people with sight loss and has learnt to exploit all his senses to help capture an image. Watch this video to find out more about how Mickel captures his photographs.

The photographs that will be displayed in the optometry corridor at City Road have been selected from two of Mickel’s collections focusing on movement and diversity.

Mickel’s portrait photographs feature gay black men after feeling that they were under represented in the magazines he was reading.

Mickel said: “I thought I would take matters into my own hands and do a small project of my own that positively shows gay black men having an afternoon out on the Southbank. I also have a background in dance. I’m very fascinated with movement of the body.”