Posted By: Angela Smith

Date 10-05-17

Open Senses Festival at Moorfields Sat 20th May 2017


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A weekend festival of art exhibitions, live events and performances, sensory journeys and walks, open studios and labs, and a ground-breaking symposium.

19TH – 21ST MAY 2017

On Sat 20th May Moorfields Arts Committee, which is funded by Friends of Moorfields, will be opening the solo exhibition of a digital artist and patient Marcus Inniss. He has Usher syndrome and suffers from deaf blindness. This opening will be part of a London arts initiative called Open Senses.

Marcus told us:

“Since my diagnosis in 2003 with Usher Syndrome at Moorfields Eye Hospital, and then completing my studies in Digital Media, I have been very interested in organising an exhibition exploring the condition. The idea was always to create an exhibit allowing individuals to get a glimpse¬† into the lives of those¬† with Usher Syndrome.

This event will  celebrate what Moorfields Eye Hospital is about, highlight the work of the medical professionals and specialists in the field and showcase the innovative and life changing works that goes on behind the scenes in an ongoing effort to help individuals with any eye difficulties lead a full and independent life.

There have been many instances where I have had to explain that I have¬†Usher¬†Syndrome and often individuals would comment how I didn’t look visually impaired, most having never heard of such a condition despite there being lots information and awareness.

As someone who has always been passionate and thoroughly enjoyed learning about content development, experiential and immersive behaviour, cymatics, gerontology, Internet and inclusion, I have spent time researching how elements from these different subject matters can be amalgamated to create a unique experience that is totally and truly interactive and immersive.

The emphasis, my efforts and focus are about creating an educational medium and breaking down stigma and stereotypes¬† for a more inclusive world; empowering people with disabilities whilst at the same time offering the general public an insight and better understanding of an conditions such as Usher Syndrome.”

Picture of Marcus