Posted By: Angela Smith

Date 09-05-17

Thank you to Rafi Goldberg


Rafi Goldberg with his loom bands

Rafi Goldberg aged 7 has been Fundraises for Friends and has raised £131 selling loom bands he has made himself.

Tremendous thanks from Friends to Rafi, who was first diagnosed with Primary Congenital Glaucoma in early December 2009, when he was just six weeks old, and he has been under the care of Mr John Brookes’ team at Moorfields ever since.

Since 2009, Rafi has undergone numerous procedures, including laser treatments, an incision to his eye, and finally, in 2015, a tube inplant. He has endured a number of examinations under anaesthetic and coped with different types of eye drops.

The tube inplant has been hugely successful at stabilising the pressure. For the first time in seven years Rafi’s vision in his good eye is improving. He now sees Mr Brookes and the team at Moorfields a little less frequently; which is good news.

Recently Rafi has learnt to make loom bands. Initially he gave them to friends and family as gifts, then decided to sell them for £2.00 each as a donation to Moorfields. To date, he has raised £131.00; a fantastic effort for a seven year old!

Patricia Collins, PA to John Brookes said “Rafi is such a wonderful boy and I was thankful to have received one of his colourful loom bands myself.”