Sickle Cell Disease & How it Effects Eyes

Mahi Muqit, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Vitro-Retinal Specialist talks about Sickle Cell Disease

“‚ÄúSickle Cell Disease is a genetic condition very prevalent in African, Caribbean and Mediterranean populations as well as the Middle East. Everyone has a protein in their blood called haemoglobin and in Sickle Cell patients, this haemoglobin is abnormal. This means the cells loose
oxygen and they become like a sickle shape, or like small roads. These abnormal cells block up the circulation around the whole body such as the heart, the central nervous system and especially the eyes. Here at Moorfields, we have a very diverse population and treat patients from all over the world, so Sickle Cell is something we see a lot in a veto-retinal practice at Moorfields”

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