Volunteering in the NHS – Interview with Sir Tom Hughes-Hallet

Black and white picture of Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett smiling

Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett is the Chairman of Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust and also the founder and Chairman of HelpForce

Helpforce will be working with Friends to provide volunteers to support anxious patients undergoing procedures under local anaesthetic in the operating theatres. He spoke to Friends CEO Angela about his vision for volunteering in the NHS and the role of HelpForce.

“I was Chief Executive of Marie Curie for twelve years before coming here to the hospital, and from that I learned just how important community involvement can be to the operation of a really good health operation, that case palliative care, hospices and nursing at home. We had 10,000 volunteers and 4,500 staff. Then when I came here to be Chairman of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital I discovered we also had 4,500 staff but less than 200 volunteers. Now with the support of┬áChelsea & Westminster NHS Trust’s┬áChief Executive, Lesley Watts we have taken volunteering on to a new level in that hospital. That is what led me to really think about how we could make volunteering a bedrock for our NHS staff, not to replace them but to support them.”

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