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This year Trustees of the Friends of Moorfields made a number of awards to hospital departments that will significantly improve patients experience at Moorfields:

Supine YAG Laser for Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre. This is a highly specialist piece of equipment which is used to provide laser treatments under general anaesthetic for patients who are unable to sit upright and/or comply with the requirement to be still in order to safely perform these procedures in clinics. Patients this equipment will particularly help include young children, adults with impaired cognitive function, patients with limited mobility and patients with involuntary eye movement disorders including nystagmus.

Wireless ‘B’ Scanner for Ultrasound Department. This will make it easier to take eye measurements for patients with learning disabilities.

Corvis ST Pentacam for Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre This will be used to measure and monitor cornea defects in Children and Young People seen at RDCEC, and help consultants make decisions about suitable treatment. Link to more information

Patient Pager SystemThis system will allow patients waiting for long periods in clinics to leave their seats for a drink or comfort break, as they will be alerted by a buzzer when they are due to be called.

Public and Patient Engagement Seminar Program at Institute of Ophthalmology Bringing together patients and Scientists in a series of awareness raising events.

Widefield Camera This amazing new camera can photograph the retina in a single image. This will be mainly used by the oncology department to identify and treat eye cancers, though it can also be used for uveitis, diabetes and other retina diseases. Link to more information

Slit Lamp/HDMI Video Microscope This was purchased for the Institute of Ophthalmology to assist with training. It is a light microscope connected to a digital camera which displays the image that the operator can see is projected onto a wall screen in real time, allowing the lecturer to respond quickly to questions and give clear demonstrations.Link to more information

Sponsoring Optometrists to take Higher Qualifications in Glaucoma In memory of, and using a legacy from the late Michael Banes, Friends will be sponsoring a number of optometrists to take the new higher level qualifications in glaucoma at UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, including the Diploma in Glaucoma. Link to more information

Full Time Play Therapist at Moorfields Eye Centre, St Georges Tooting To play with and support children as they are waiting for their appointments at St Georges.

Portable Cyclodiode Laser: Laser treatment is used for patients with very high eye pressure which can lead to permanent blindness. This portable machine will mean patients can now be treated in Northwick Park and Ealing Hospitals. Link to more information

Valon Multispot Laser: This is the latest technology for people needing laser treatment to their retina. By treating numerous ‘spots’ at the same time it reduces overall treatment time which is safer and more comfortable for patients. Link to more information

Tonometer: This is used to monitor and measure the cornea for patients who have keratoconus, a condition that can lead to serious sight loss by altering the shape of the cornea. This will allow early treatment and may prevent the need for a cornea transplant.

Children’s Counsellor for 2 years, plus toys for waiting areas
To help families when a child is diagnosed with a life or sight-threatening condition.

A series of patient information videos including one about karatoconus and corneal cross-linking, which you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-FL44G-uFU


In addition to these one-off grants awarded by the Friends we are also committed to continue paying the annual charges for:


  • Art and Music throughout the hospital.
  • A full time Play Therapist in children’s A&E Department
  • Fish tanks in both adults and children’s out patient clinics
  • Magazines for clinics on the ground and lower ground floors
  • Flowers for window boxes
“Supporting Moorfields in memory of my Father”
Mike Evans
“I'm proud to be a friend to the BEST hospital in the country – if not the world. They look after my eyes –
so I want to look after Moorfields!”
Elspeth Clarke, M.B.E..