Posted By: Angela Smith

Date 19-08-16

Optos ‘California’ Widefield Camera – Thank You!



With your support we raised ÂŁ25,505 towards the Widefield Camera for Moorfields Oncology and Retina depts. As this was needed urgently the trustees decided to purchase the camera in full, taking the shortfall from our grants fund. It has been installed since early June and is already proving invaluable.

“I am delighted to report that in the few weeks we have had this in place it has completely surpassed our expectations. It has several advantages over what we had before. The speed of image acquisition is faster – meaning less patient time pressed against the imaging window. With the California, quality of images is also vastly better; the level of detail is such that it can be massively magnified without any loss of detail. This reduces patient waiting times as most patients now require only one image. Indeed, many of the oncology patients have their imaging done within minutes of arrival. It has probably reduced the patient journey by around 30 minutes.

We are sincerely grateful to Friends of Moorfields for their support with equipment thus far. Other items previously provided by Friends have also made a huge difference to patients  – almost 70% of patients attending the Oncology clinic have their ultrasound scans done in the clinic within less than an hour after check in. The anterior segment OCT scan, which Friends provided a couple of years ago quickly allows us to see iris and ciliary body detail which hitherto was complicated and time consuming. Now, a scan can be captured in less than 30 seconds.” Dr Gordon Hay, Senior Ophthalmic Specialist: Ocular Oncology Service